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  • Mission


    We provide real models made with truly innovative creativity.
    We lead our customers to a new discovery – to their “Aha!” moment.

    Truly innovative creativity, or Pure Innovation, is an ability to solve problems and create products using new ideas together with technical skill.
    Doing so requires the hybridization of conflicting ideas and techniques.

    ●Breaking down barriers to combine cutting-edge technologies across industries.
    ●Recreating traditional arts of the past and combining them with present-day techniques.
    ●Disregarding common sense, and reappraising with your own eyes.

    Most of all, we believe that always trying to learn something is key to mission success.
    Our goal is to create real models which will cause our customers to unconsciously say:

    “Aha! That’s how you do it! Thank you!”

    when we propose an idea.
    Hearing these words is our motivation and the meaning for our existence.

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