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    Description of business

    Planning, design, production and sales of precision models.
    From internal structures to materials and textures, we produce highly realistic precision models by using cutting-edge metalworking techniques. Precise and realistic models have a powerful and vivid sense of presence.
    By combining various techniques and materials we can create highly precise and realistic models, even in internal structures, tailored to your budget and needs.

    知識力 最先端の加工技術や材質を選定することが可能。設計力 寫真から設計図を起こすことが可能。表現力 夢や楽しさを形にすることが可能。
    Processing technology
    1. Metal stamping
    2. Die-cast processing
    3. Resin molding
    4. Centrifugal casting
    5. Lost wax
    6. Cutting work
    7. Stereolithography
    8. Laser processing
    9. Other
    1. Aluminum、Iron、The brass、The copper、Other metals
    2. Pet、ABS、Acrylic、Polycarbonate、Other plastic material
    3. Other material
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